Spanish Seminars

ADESEMA organized two of the three Seminars initially designed in the framework of the COACH4U project. All these seminars are focused in applying coaching techniques to adult training in order to take advantage of the coaching benefits in this field.  

The final goal was to test some seminar scenarios and training methods.

Both seminars were given by Eugenia Fernández y Catalina Fuster, two experienced coaches. 


Catalina Fuster BennasarEugenia Fernández Alonso

The first seminar (“Coaching essentials”) took place in Madrid, on 7th May. It involved 7 people, all of them adult education professionals. 


It was an introduction to the most important techniques of coaching applied to an adult education context. Most participants had only a little previous knowledge about this area. 



After the seminar was finished, the subsequent assessment was highly positive in all cases. The participants emphasized that they have discovered very useful tools for improving their work. 




The second seminar (“Basic Coaching Skills: Communication and Relationship”) was held in Ciudad Real, on 11th May. 



8 people took part in this second seminar. Several of them knew something about coaching tools, at least in an initial level. During the seminar, the speakers were talking about different concepts, mainly with the aim of helping the participants to improve their communication skills and the way they interact with adult learners. All of this was developed in a very practical way, and the coaches proposed some practical exercises. 




The final assessment was, as in the first seminar, highly positive regarding all matters raised. 




The questionnaire sent to participants one month later, has showed some conclusions:

  • Coaching is a huge matter and it needs much more time to be properly addressed. 
  • Maybe one month is not enough time to check all important changes and results.
  • Nevertheless, the general view about not only the seminars but too the importance of coaching applied to adult education remains very positive.